This one’s sweet :”>

This kind of date is what I need right now.

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Here’s to more adventures! :) 

Please? Please? :)

Ang love parang puppy… Pag lumaki at hindi na cute, dapat mahal mo parin.
  •  Once upon a time in a milk tea place with A..
  • Me: Kuya, ano pong wifi password?
  • Crew: Walang wifi *smiled then left*
  •  Checked my phone..
  • Me: Anong walang wifi? Meron kaya. Niloloko ako nung kuya.
  • A: Yun yung password. Di mo nagets? HAHAHAHAHA!
  • Me: Shizz!! Ang slow ko! -____-

May time sa friends pero walang time i-text ka. Ganyan tayo e!

No matter how hard you kick, no matter how high you get, you can’t go all the way around.

Red Coconut made our stay in Boracay extra-extra special.I swear they’ve got the best rooms in town. This is where we stayed..

Lovely, isn’t it? I could stay all day in a room like this.

Day swimming = beach. Night swimming = pool. (And yes we enjoyed the rest of the pool ‘cos everyone’s busy partying at night)

After our night swimming we went to Coco Bar, which is still under Red Coconut

Party songs x delish drinks x amazing interior design x dancing bartenders = Best chill out place

The bartenders dancing the night away made us enjoy the night more. For me it’s really cool and cute of them doing those moves. And oh, fact about Coco bar.. The designs and displays they have there were all assembled and made by the Red Coconut’s interior designer or whatever you call it.

They serve the healthiest breakfast buffet. And Coco Cafe got the best crepes I’ve ever tasted in my entire life.

After breakfast, I get to check out the other rooms that Red Coconut offers. Thanks to the friendliest and most hospitable staffs of the hotel.

This is the Presidential’s

The deluxe and the suites..

That’s it. A summary of our stay. So if you guys are looking for a place to stay in Boracay, I recommend Red Coconut. I assure you everything’s worth it. :)