•  Saw a foreigner, his Filipino wife and their son along session..
  • Me: Alam mo ba, foreigner sana gusto kong mapangasawa.
  • Rej: Pwede pa naman.
  • Me: Pwede pa nga, pero ayaw ko na. Nakilala ko na si Arvin e.

Short hair kuno :P

So much feels tonight. I can’t even start working on our feasib which is due tomorrow. I’m confused. I don’t know what to do. I’m sleepless since the other night and my body hurts too. I can’t think straight. So much thoughts. My whole system is about to give up. I badly need a rest, but I still have to wait until Christmas break before I could have the “rest” I’m asking for. I’m really pissed ‘cos I can’t stop overthinking. Lord, please guide me.

12/12/13 The haggard-sleepless-but-like-a-boss look at ze office.

  •  At the office..
  • Ma'am Beth: Pahingi ako ng stick on.
  • Mik: *inabot yung stick-o*
  • Ma'am: Hindi stick-o, stick on.
  •  HAHAHA mej bingi, ano po?
Omgeeez! I just can’t…. I wanna adopt this pup! :’)

SLU Lantern Parade 2013.

This will do for a Christmas gift. Haha! :D

For God’s sake, INITIATE!

So for the nth time this semester, I cleaned the kitchen again. I love having a clean and tidy place, but seeing our kitchen and living room, it’s the total opposite. Seriously, guys?! If you’re used to living in a dirty and messy place, please still be considerate of others. You aren’t the only one living in this house. So please! I’m begging you. If in your homes your parents don’t ask you to clean, then so am I. I’m really getting tired of cleaning up your mess. It even made me think that cleaning has no point at all, because after a day or two you bring back your trashes again. The last time I cleaned I placed a note, and now, I am placing another one again. But this time in tagalog to make it clearer to you guys. I just wonder how many note will it take me before you finally initiate.


Hahaha! Kahit seenzoned ako sayo on fb. Imagine that, si Anne Curtis-Smith na seenzoned lang? Happy birthday pa rin, Bave. Ang konti ng photos natin, tamad mo kasi mag-upload. Sayang my poses. Anyways, another year for you. I’m so thankful that God gave you another year to ruin my life. I’m that masochist when it comes to you, you know. No, seriously, I thank Him for giving you more chances to make me happy, to make everyone happy. I feel so lucky having you as my bestfriend. I bet you feel luckier. Haha! Thank you for being the nicest bitch to me, despite the fact that you’ve always been my karibal. Oh well, great minds think alike, and has same tastes too. Thank you for being my best pigout buddy, to your willingness to listen to whatever nonsense things i say, for supporting my vanity and yet, not uploading photos, for bullying me.Thank you for everything! I love you, Bave! More years of friendship, k? Di pa tayo nag-aaway. :))


Love is being caring. Caring about everything that is important to them. The little things, the big things, the things that they say don’t matter, but you get that inner feeling that they do. Caring about how your actions affect them. Caring about what they want. Caring for the fragile heart that is concealed within their frame of flesh.

Love is being faithful. Faithful to your word and to your promises. People make promises without knowing the extent of what they mean. Love keeps true to those promises no matter how hard it gets. Love is being faithful to them in an emotional sense. You have no eyes for anyone else. It means being faithful in a physical sense. You do not imagine committing promiscuous acts with anyone. Not even them.

Because Love means respect. Respect for their wishes. Respect for what they need. Respect for their body and for their mind; you strive to keep them in the best condition. You respect their boundaries, again, both physical and emotional.

Love is honest. It strives to keep dishonesty out of the relationship, knowing that it will tear it apart from the roots. Keeping lies away from the tongue, that could kill any blossoming concoction of emotions. It realizes that the object of the affection deserves the truth in all cases. Knowing that it’s best, no matter how it hurts.

Love is serving. It does anything possible to cater to the needs of the other. It recognizes that it wants to do anything it can to better the life of the other.

Love is selfless. It puts off its own desires and wants for the other. It shares its thoughts, life, resources, and anything it can with the other. It gives them what they want at the mere expense of what it itself wants. It does so with complete happiness.

Because Love is humble. It realizes that it has no authority or reason to be looked up at. It realizes that credit does not need to belong to it. It realizes that pride will split the branches of the partnership; it will create strife and dispute. Two of the things it strives so hard to demolish.

Love is being patient. Understanding that human nature is hard to deal with. Understanding that patience is key to creating a solid foundation. It realizes that rushing with leave holes and unstable foundations that will leave everything to come crashing down upon itself, causing tears and heartbreak that could easily have been prevented.

Love is understanding. It understands all of this. Whether it chooses to follow this depends on the degree in which it occurs. It understands that a human is nothing without love. Love makes the world go round. It understands that without this, it is nothing.

  • Good news: You have an internet connection.
  • Bad news: It's slower than a snail.